Review: Nyko Power Grip for PS Vita

Earlier this year, game accessory maker Nyko released its PS Vita Power Grip, an ergonomic grip attachment for the PlayStation Vita from Sony. Not just an item made for comfort, the device comes complete with a built-in extended-life battery to allow the Vita to be played beyond the nine (or so) hours for which its own battery provides.

Nyko’s PS Vita Power Grip is plastic made with a sort of velvet finish. That stated, the accessory doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest. It has twin handles that extend down from the sides akin to a modern gamepad and it’s large enough to comfortably fit the hands of a full-grown adult. It’s not all champagne and roses, however, as typing on the Vita’s touchscreen and utilizing its rear-facing touch panel can be a bit of a literal stretch. It’s a mixed blessing, really, because that also means that those pesky accidental rear touchpad finger grazes will occur fall less often than without.

Actually installing the Vita into the Power Grip is a rather simple and pain-free process. While the Grip fits snugly around the Vita, it’s not installed quite as such. The bottom-middle of Nyko’s PS Vita Power Grip drops down a half-centimeter or so, allowing the Vita to easily slide into the confines of the Grip without damaging either unit. Snapping that Grip segment back into place locks the Vita inside until it’s once again lowered, then allowing for the Vita to be slipped out of the accessory without complication.

Charging the Power Grip is quite literally done the same way charging the Vita itself is done. Users simply plug the Vita’s power cord into the bottom of the PS Vita Power Grip. Should the Vita be installed inside of the grip during charging, it, too, will have its own battery taken care of. This simple interface is quite pleasant — even more pleasant that Nyko’s PS Vita Power Grip doesn’t have any sort of proprietary charging system to further clutter up one’s gaming space.

When it comes down to the how the extended battery works out, I can only say that it does. After providing for an overnight charge, my Power Grip mounted Vita lasted an entire week-long vacation of on-again off-again gameplay — including a six hour flight (each way). So, yes, it works.

Nyko has priced its PS Vita Power Grip at roughly $25, making it one of the more expensive third-party Vita accessories on the market. There are similar options to this item that do similar things for as little as half that price, but whether or not they can do it as well is up for debate. That stated, the feel of quality and extremely long battery life Nyko’s PS Vita Power Grip provide the player just might be worth the asking price.

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