Strange Toys “R” Us Stylus Placement

Those who frequent the video game section at their local Toys “R” Us store may have run across the company’s own in-house brand of accessories. I on the other hand, didn’t notice them until today where I found a handful of items in the Nintendo 3DS section. There wasn’t a huge variety: cases, Nintendo DSi kits, screen protectors for both PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS in one package, and a ton of styli. Usually the stylus don’t interest me, but while I was glancing through, I noticed some peculiar styles.

In the photo I took with my phone above, the red highlighted (no that’s not yarn) product was the one that caught my eye. Upon inspection, I found that the particular styli were the thick rubber rounded tip variety, usually more suited to tablets because of their capacitive touch screen. The packaging even says it’s for tablet, but for one reason or another TRU has decided to place it with the Nintendo DS/3DS accessories. This wasn’t just at my local store either, online you can also see the fact they’ve categorized the product in the same manner. Quite baffling considering they sell tablets and accessories in the same area of the store.

As a side note to my visit, I found a few things on clearance. For a mere $7, you too can organize your Nintendo DS in a handy little tray. Although the box shows that it fits all families of Nintendo DS, I’m not certain if it can house a 3DS or 3DS XL. There was also a PlayStation storage tower, though for $25 I’m not too sure it’s much of a deal.

As many bargain hunters know, your mileage may vary (YMMV) at your local store!

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