Wii U Accessories Available At Launch

With Nintendo’s next system, Wii U, just around the corner, accessory makers have somewhere else to divert a bit of their energy. I asked a few of the major console accessory makers what they might have at launch for Wii U. Some replied, some didn’t. For those that didn’t provide any information, I went sleuthing at my local Best Buy to check out what will be available.

Mad Catz

Kunai will launch will Wii U and expect other accessories very soon after launch.

Tritton Kunai Stereo Headset for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS $49.99 (Officially licensed)

Turtle Beach

Ear Force NLa $34.95 (Officially licensed)
Ear Force N11 $49.95 (Officially licensed)


Officially: No products launching with Wii U.

At Best Buy I found things under their original Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, Inc. (BD&A) label:

BD&A Wii U Gaming Essentials Kit $34.99
BD&A GlowFX Stylus $19.99


Officially: No products launching with Wii U.  Should have something at the end of the year, however!

Best Buy lists they’ll have something upon inspection:

ChargeLink USB Charging Cable for Wii U GamePad $14.99


Rainbow Styluses for Wii U GamePad $9.99
Write & Protect Pack for Wii U GamePad $9.99
Silicon Jacket for Wii U GamePad $12.99
Nerf Armor for Wii U $19.99
Energizer 3X Charging System for Wii U $29.99

Rocketfish (Best Buy only)

Lan Adapter $19.99
InvisiShell $9.99
Stereo Headset $19.99
Official Transport Bag $49.99
HDMI cable $59.99


Sandisk Wii U SD Card 16GB $29.99
Sandisk Wii U SD Card 32GB $69.99


Wii U Cradle Stand & Set $19.99
Wii U Microphone $24.99
Wii U Nunchuk Controller Black $19.99
Wii U Remote Plus Black $39.99
Wii U Pro Controller $49.99

If you found any accessories that aren’t on this list, please mention them in the comment section!

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