Wii U Accessories Available Now

The Wii U has been out for more than a week now and the first batch of accessories for the system are now fully on the shelves.  Casually talking with a few employees of various retail outlets in my area led to the discovery that screen protectors seem to be the most popular item to buy with the system.  Most have cited the reason for the lack of sales of other products (namely bags, cases, etc.) is due to the high asking prices for each item.

Below is a list of what I was able scavenge from online searches for Wii U products.  Those who have read my previous article may notice many of the same accessories listed.

CTA Digital

Wii Remote Dual Charge Station with 2 Rechargeable Batteries – White, Black $14.99 – $19.99


Wii U Precision Screen Filter $7.99

Mad Catz

TRITTON Kunai Stereo Headset for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS – Red, White, Black $49.99


Rainbow Styluses for Wii U GamePad $9.99
Write & Protect Pack for Wii U GamePad $9.99
Nerf Armor for Wii U $19.99
Silicone Jacket for Wii U GamePad $12.99
Energizer 3X Charging System for Wii U $29.99
Epic Mickey 2 Paintbrush Gesture Controller for Wii & Wii U $29.99
Epic Mickey 2 Oswald Clicker Control Stick for Wii & Wii U $29.99


Skylanders Pro Pack Mini Controller Set for Wii – Orange $39.99
Skylanders Pro Pack Mini Controller Set for Wii – Blue $39.99
GlowFX Stylus for Wii U – $19.99
Official Super Mario Starter Kit for Wii U $19.99
Official Gamer Essentials Kit for Wii U – Black, Pink, Blue – $39.99

Turtle Beach

Ear Force NLa Gaming Headset – Black $29.95
Ear Force N11 Gaming Headset – Black $49.95

DealExtreme (Website with many cheap products.  Makers unknown of the items below.)

Protective Soft Silicone Case for Wii U – Pink, Black, Orange, Green, Light Blue, White, Red $6.30 – $6.40
Durable Plastic Stand Holder for Wii U – Black, Grey $4.50
Stylish Stylus Pen for Wii U (Set of 5) $3.00

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