Review: PDP PS Vita Nerf Armor

Are you worried about the possibility of dropping and subsequently breaking your $200-plus PlayStation Vita?  Well, accessory maker PDP has you covered by literally “Nerfing” Sony’s handheld gaming device.

The PS Vita Nerf Armor by PDP encompasses the majority of the Vita with impact-softening Nerf material, allowing the portable gaming system to take a hit.  Sure, the thing looks and feels rather goofy, but it’ll do the trick — so long as you don’t drop your Vita on its face.  You see, just like Achilles’ heels, the Nerf Armor leaves something rather important unprotected.  There is nothing, not even a scratch resistant plastic film, protecting the front face of the Vita; thus leaving the screen and everything else on the Vita’s front side open to injury.


On the backside of the Nerf Armor, users will find a removable panel capable of holding as many as three PS Vita game cards.  This panel covers the Vita’s rear touchpad when it’s not needed and must be removed completely to have access to it.  The problem here is two-fold:  One, the panel doesn’t feel as secure as it should be considering it’s probably holding a hundred bucks or so worth of game software if fully loaded; and two, since it has to be removed from time to time, it’s just one more thing the user has to keep track of.  It’s not a question of if the game-packed panel will be lost or misplaced, it’s when.

But, as far as protecting the Vita is concerned, the PS Vita Nerf Armor doesn’t do a half-bad job — even if the front is left largely unprotected.  Clumsy Vita owners who use this accessory should find a bit of piece of mind in terms of the physical safety of their PS Vitas, as should parents of Vita-playing children worried about their kids breaking the portable gaming console.  After all, you paid for the Vita once.  Can you really afford to pay for another one due to somebody’s butterfingers?

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