How to Create Nintendo’s Non-Specific Action Figure

For those who don’t remember a certain Nintendo Direct just before E3 2012, it was the debut of Non-Specific Action Figure. The skit that showcased a few features of Miiverse, although insulting to many, had one redeeming feature, an action figure without a speaking role.


Below is a near twenty minute video that shows my process in creating the figure. Also, I have gone through the trouble of figuring out what the components to this internet sensation are and have listed them below.  Finally, a few tips that were not included are also provided. Feel free to comment with any questions or thoughts you may have!

Parts list:

Mark Coleman Figure
Action figure set with wings/sword
Milliput (or equivalent)
Acrylic Paints
Primer (optional)
Water Container (to keep your brushes nice)
Sticker paper (or All-Purpose Labels from Avery)
Markers (for face)
Sandpaper (150, 400 grit)
Hobby knife or Exact-o
Dremel (or something to make a hole)
Paper Towels


Lots of light is useful
Priming the figure isn’t completely necessary
If priming, allow 24 hours to dry if not more time to ensure cure!
THIN coats of paint is key, otherwise you get cracking
Wait one hour between coats of paint
Rubbing the figure after it’s all done with a paper towel results in shiny
Take your time for the best results
Work on this when you’re fully rested
Acrylic can and WILL spill on pants and ruin them!
Milliput responds nicely to water before it’s cured to smooth out surfaces
Cats like to rub up against you while you’re working, ALWAYS.
Getting cheapo type brushes will make your job harder.
For the red, add a tiny bit of black to give it a darker red.
I opted not to modify the right hand to make a thumbs up. This can easily be achieved by chopping off the thumb and replacing it with Milliput, with the same steps as the head.
Milliput should probably be mixed with gloves on. Wash hands thoroughly after contact with your fingers!

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