Nintendo Announces First Party Wii U Screen Protector


Nintendo of America has decided to start offering a Wii U GamePad screen protector solution of their own. On February 4th, a Wii U Accessory Pack will be made available for $12.99 that will include a screen protector, extra-large stylus, and cleaning cloth. Above is an image from the European version of the product as found on and may not reflect that of NOA’s packaging.

Update: Nintendo (via Facebook) has posted a picture of what the accessory kit will look like here in the US.

Andrea Campton

Andrea Campton has been a part of the gaming industry for 7 years. Prior to Gametista, she worked on another venture of her own, She loves cats, slow walks on the beach, and brutal honesty. Oh and her trusty Logitech MX518 that's still alive and kickin'.

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One comment on “Nintendo Announces First Party Wii U Screen Protector
  1. Blargh says:

    $13 seems a bit overpriced for a screen protector, scrap of cloth, and an over-sized stylus…

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