CES 2013: Hyperkin

When I wandered up to the Hyperkin booth this year at CES, I was able to have a friendly chat with their Marketing Director David Yu about what’s up and coming. David hinted at a major retro announcement from them in the coming months. As for what I was able to get hands on-time with, they were showing off the AR Striker and the ComRad Helmet.


AK Striker

When I first tried the AK Striker at CES 2012, it has promise to be a fun add-on for an add-on. The PlayStation Move holster in the shape of an AK-47 allows the Motion Controller to be housed and secured on top while connecting with a mini-USB connector. Below and in front of the faux magazine pops out an area where the Navigation Controller can sit snugly thanks to a redesign by Hyperkin. What’s also different in this build is the fact that the back grip is much easier to grasp, especially with smaller hands. If you’re like me and get tired of holding the gun, there are triangle clips on the back and side of the gun that allow you to attach an included adjustable shoulder strap. This reduced the fatigue I was beginning to feel in my wimpy little arms.

The AK Striker is available now for $34.99 on Amazon.


ComRad Gaming Audio Helmet

At first glance, the ComRad Helmet looks a bit over the top and ridiculous. This doesn’t change with the second glance, but what did change was my own perception that this was simply a cheap helmet with camouflage print seemingly belonging in a toy store. What makes not just a helmet is the fact it is fitted with speakers, which essentially turns this bucket helmet into a headset. When I put it on my head, it sat a bit too low and blocked my vision. This was due to the fact my head size is a bit smaller than the last user. Inside are straps that allow the helmet to be adjusted to the head of the player. On the left side there is a volume control, while the other has a spot to plug in a chat cable for Xbox 360 or Wii U usage and a charging port. The sound system itself is wireless and uses lithium-ion batteries which are rechargeable. As for the sound itself, it was a bit on the tinny side and the signal would drop out on occasion due to all the wireless interference at CES. Still, this was a prototype and I doubt Hyperkin would allow such sub-par audio to be released in the final builds. For what it was trying to do, which is immerse the player in the game more, it succeeded for me in my brief time with it. Silly as it may look, it’s actually something I wouldn’t mind my husband coming home and catch me using.

The ComRad Gaming Audio Helmet is compatible with PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

The Game Genie for 3DS

Although I wasn’t able to get hands-on with this, I was given a few basic details regarding the cheat system. Primarily, from what was talked about, they’re focusing this product more on the saves aspect with community. Hyperkin is going to try to ensure that firmware updates don’t interfere with the usage of the product. They’re also trying very hard not to “tick off” the console maker, in this case Nintendo, by avoiding allowing online multiplayer types of cheats from being available. This means those who are hoping to use this device to get first place in a Mario Kart race or other competitive games can keep dreaming. If you’re waiting to get your hands on the device, you still have a few months to wait according to Hyperkin.

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