CES 2013: CTA Digital

This year, CTA Digital had some rather interesting products on display. A few of their items caused many to pause and stare, such at the iPotty, a toilet training solution. Unfortunately, they only had one real gaming accessory I was able to actually touch and that was their Wireless Bluetooth Controller.

Wireless Bluetooth Controller

My hands on-time with this controller was brief at best and consisted of opening up the retail packaging, placing my phone in the grip, moving the buttons around, then putting it back. In that time, I was to get a feeling for how it would feel in the hands and the first thought that came to mind was cramped. First, to get your phone into the cradle, you’ll need to pull out the grip. Due to the retractable nature of the grip and how strong it is, it can be tricky, but not too difficult to perform. When the device is installed in the grip, the top of the D-Pad felt not quite as accessible as without. When I pressed the D-pad and the buttons, they felt slightly mushy, but not completely dreadful. The highlight was probably the analog stick sliders, though they weren’t exactly a smooth experience either. To get your device out of the top grip, you simply slide it out and watch the grip quickly retract.

CTA was kind enough to supply more details about the controller that I wasn’t able to explore. It is Bluetooth 3.0 and will support “many” iOS games as well as Android ones. Inside is a battery of sorts, probably a lithium-ion, that will take approximately two hours to charge and will last twelve. A charging cable is included in the packaging.

Judging by these support facts it’s clear that CTA is simply putting out a bare bones Bluetooth controller without any software backing it up. It seems to rely on standard Bluetooth HID profiles to work.  We’ll see what the case is when this hits store shelves.

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