Review: PDP Hardcover for Wii U GamePad


On one of my many adventures to Toys R Us to check out the accessory selection, I stumbled across something that seemed strange at the time: a plastic hard shell for the front of the Wii U GamePad. There were a handful of designs to choose from, all Mario related of course. In the end, I decided to investigate one that had stylish simplistic power-ups strewn across the surface. While the case may be frivolous to some, it does have its usages.


When first opening the packaging for the case, you’ll notice it’s a fairly straightforward experience. The case comes right out and there’s nothing to remove or separate. Made of shiny hard plastic, the case shows fingerprints and dust fairly easily. Also, for cat owners, you may also see feline hair gravitating towards the surface. Luckily, it’s easy to clean with a few swipes of a microfiber cloth.


Applying it to the GamePad is fairly straightforward as well. Once it’s on, you’ll notice it protects the touchscreen while not looking too bulky. Unfortunately that’s all it was seemingly designed to do. Looking around the edges when the cover is on, you’ll notice none of the ports are given any kind of protection. This isn’t too huge of an issue considering the minor bulk around the edges would protect those ports in case of a fall. Another issue is the fact that due to the added size, the GamePad with the cover will not fit on the charging cradle.


Removing it can be tricky at first, but once you’ve performed the operation a few times it becomes second nature. After taking it off and examining the backside foam, it almost looked to me that it might need to be removed. Since there are no directions for this, I assumed that it should stay on to help protect the touchscreen.


Shelling out $9.99 seemed slightly expensive for the functions the case performs overall. Even with this being officially licensed, it didn’t keep the flaws from showing up, which were minor but do add up. This might be a product for those who want to dress up their GamePad while not in use sitting on the coffee table, keeping the touchscreen safe. For those who want a bit more robust protection, check out PDP’s Nerf Armor for Wii U case.

Strangely, the product is unavailable and unlisted on PDP’s website. You can however find these in person or online at GameStop or Toys R Us. The product available at GameStop may not be exactly what was reviewed here, however.

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