Guide: Connect Wii U Pro Controller to PC


Maybe you performed my Wii U Pro Controller modification and are looking for other uses for the device. Perhaps you simply want another input for gaming purposes on your PC. Whatever the reason, this is a fun little project to do with the accessory.


Windows PC
Wii U Pro Controller
Bluetooth USB device

Wii U Pro Controller to PC – Authors TeHaxor69/Daku93
Toshiba Bluetooth Stack 8

1) Download the latest version of Wii U Pro Controller to PC (Currently 1.5 as of this post). It’s important to have the .dll along with the .exe!!!


2) Download the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack 8.

3) Install the BT Stack, but do NOT plugin your BT USB device.

4) When prompted, insert the BT device, then restart the computer.

5) Pair the Wii U Pro Controller with the PC.


In the software choose New Connection. While there, Express Mode should already be highlighted. Hit Next then press the sync button on the back of the controller. The listing here is what should be displayed.


Don’t hit Next here quite yet!


Wait for the light to go off, then quickly hit Next. It will go through the motions and pair properly with a yellow/green linked bar across the icon. If this doesn’t show up, the devices aren’t connected to one another.


6) Start up the program and configure to your liking.


Left: First loaded in. Right: Moving sticks and pressing buttons.

Be aware if you turn off your controller, it will need to be connected with the Toshiba application, but not synced again. Simply right click and choose Connect, but don’t hit the sync button on the back immediately, wait for the flashing to cease, then quickly hit OK.

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