Exclusive: First RetroN 4 Details [UPDATED]

RetroN 4 Logo

Hyperkin is hard at work on their next retro gaming console, the RetroN 4. Tomorrow, the company will officially announce the existence of the device, but I’ve been given brief details on what to expect.

First off, in addition to being able to play Nintendo NES, SNES, and SEGA Genesis cartridges like the RetroN 3, the RetroN 4 will add Game Boy Advance games to the mix. Hyperkin is also taking the trouble to up-convert the analog signals for use with HDTVs. For those who have a mix of NTSC and PAL games, you’ll be able to play both on the system.

RetroN 4 will also have an interface named “Perdana,” which will offer users options such as real time saves, button reassignment, and overclocking.

Each of the retro console platforms will have two controller ports, allowing users to plug their own classic controllers into the machine.

With the RetroN 4 in the early stages of development, more information is expected to be released at a later date.

UPDATE – Hyperkin has officially sent out a press release about the RetroN 4 and more details have emerged including the fact it will have an HDMI output as well as feature Bluetooth controllers.  More details will also be released at the Midwest Gaming Classic.

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