Nyko Wii U Charge Base Pro Not Compatible With Nyko Controller


When you buy a product from a company, generally you expect it to work with other products in that line. Unfortunately in the case of the Wii U Charge Base Pro and Pro Commander from Nyko, this isn’t the case. Upon opening my review sample of the Charge Base Pro, graciously sent by Nyko, I found that the included dongle that attaches to the Mini USB port won’t work with the Pro Commander. Not only is the dongle the wrong shape, but the attachment is upside down, making it impossible to get it to fit. Even when trying to force it on, there wasn’t enough contact on the ports to get a charge going.


Nyko’s Chris Arbogast addressed the problem in an e-mail when I inquired about the issue:

In an effort to produce our Wii U accessories as close to the launch as possible, we built the Pro Commander’s form factor from our existing PS3 controller, the Raven. Since that design existed before the Wii U Pro Controller was announced, the top of the controller is different than the pro commander and will not work with the dongles designed to fit the first party model. We are looking at potentially producing an alternate dongle or an alternate form factor for the Pro Commander that will work with the Charge Base Pro. We will wait and see what the sell-through is like on both pieces and determine which is the best course of action going forward.

In essence it seems time was not on their side when creating the two products and trying to get them to market in a timely fashion.

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