Hyperkin Skips RetroN 4, Introduces 5


At this year’s Midwest Gaming Classic, Hyperkin revealed more details on the previously named RetroN 4. Now instead of four slots, there will be a fifth that allows for Famicom games to be played. On Hyperkin’s site, there is a detailed post that discusses everything they unveiled at the event, but a brief summary can be found below as well.

– RetroN 4 now RetroN 5
– Added Famicom slot
– Can play NES, SNES, Super Famicom, Genesis, Master Drive, Famicom, GBA, GBC, GB games
– Console has SNES, NES, and Genesis controller ports
– Backside has USB, HDMI, AC Adapter port, and AV output
– Controller revealed, Microswitch Directional Pad instead of traditional D-pad
– Controller is Bluetooth, will be rechargeable (lithium ion)
– Controller can be re-programmed
– Interface with system menu
– Audio interpolation will be used for cleaner sound
– System can be manual and passively overclocked

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