E3 2013: Skullcandy / Astro

The folks at Skullcandy didn’t have much to show off this year at E3 in the way of new hardware aside from a few new coats of paint for the extremely popular Astro A40 line. What they were talking about however were their new licensing deals with Ubisoft for Assassin’s Creed and EA for Battlefield 4 branded headsets. Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag will adorn the Skullcandy SLYR while the Battlefield 4 headsets will be available in both Astro A40 and A50 varieties. Speaker tag packs may be sold separately, with a few being included with each headset.


For artists and those who want their own artwork on their speaker tags, Astro is looking to launch their custom tags system soon. It will be a very controlled environment so that no copyright materials will be printed. No more details were discussed aside from copyright concerns and the fact they are working closely with companies to offer more speaker tags options.

Lastly, it was brought up that although Skullcandy does not release how product sales have been, both the A50s and A40s are doing quite nicely for the company. This may be helped by their newly opened retail store in San Francisco which was hinted at as a test bed for future endeavors, though not confirmed. All headsets from both Skullcandy and Astro are available to inspect and listen to while at the store. During this conversation, the representative noted that they do not feel that any Astro product is competing with one another, but that each product targets something the other does not.

Surprisingly, no real hints were made of any deals with Microsoft or Sony for their next generation consoles.

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