Gametista is about taking a look at accessories for consoles, handhelds, PC, and mobile devices.  The site began in early 2012 by Andrea Campton who had been working on NintendoGal.com at the time.

Review policy notes:

UPDATED 11/12/2014 – Our review system has been slightly overhauled, but nearly follows the same format.  There are three categories, Quality & Comfort, Ease of Use, and Value.  Each category can be scored from 0% – 100% with all three being averaged into a final score.

ORIGINAL POLICY – Our scale differs from many across the web.  It is indeed a scale out of ten, but that’s where many similarities end.  We break down aspects of what we review into four major categories, quality, ease of use/comfort, product execution, and price.  The first three categories listed can earn up to three points, while the price is given a value of zero or one.  One meaning it is worth the asking price, while zero means you are better off saving your money.  All of the numbers are tallied up which allows us to arrive at the final score.

Our reviews will always state where the product came from, whether it be bought in a store, or furnished by the company themselves.  If you find the location omitted, please feel free to contact us so that we can make corrections accordingly!

Contact Information

Questions, comments, concern, tips, and anything else you’d like to communicate with, please contact us at admin@gametista.com.


Andrea Campton
Andrea Campton is the owner of Gametista.com and loves gaming accessories. She noticed this passion one day while in a GameStop looking at all the different “trinkets” on display. Andrea is married to her husband Jon, who works for Nintendo of America.
Jim Avery
Contributing Writer
Jim Avery is a writer who contributes to Cracked.com and Gametista. He is pursuing a graduate degree in Computer Science and is focusing on Databases. In his spare time he plays video games such as Rock Band, and often posts videos of gameplay to YouTube.