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Android L Preview Reveals Game Controller


Over at the subreddit r/android, a person with the slightly amusing username bedofgoatturds did some digging in the Android L Developer Preview files and happened on a controller image. This controller is part of the Android TV Developer Kit, known

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E3 2014 Hands-On: PDP


Check out the quick video I made above to see a few of the highlights at PDP’s E3 2014 booth. Along with the standard headsets and other accessories was Project Delphi.  It was not something that PDP was showcasing too

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E3 2014 Hands-On: Astro


This year, along with a few franchise alliances Astro has made, namely Plants vs Zombies and Halo to name a few, Astro was showing off a new headset.  While their previous products were focused on the console or PC gamer,

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E3 2014 Hands-On: KOR-FX Gaming Vest


Immerz, Inc., makers of a haptic feedback vest known as the KOR-FX Gaming Vest, were at E3 this year, which allowed me a chance to try it out.  Their Kickstarter project page, which stated they have been funded, will bring

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Samurai Shodown II Adds MOGA Support


SNK Playmore announced they have added MOGA support to their fighting game, Samurai Shodown II. To celebrate the update that also brought in a new “Training Mode,” the company announced they were slashing the price of the game to $3.99

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